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R.G Rankine

Alfred Duff

R.G Rankine is the founder of Thinking Plainly and the self publishing writer behind several short stories. With a focus on contemporary life (and too much of a fixation with south east London) his work looks to examine the ordinary lives we all have and peer into the complex stresses, anxieties and traumas we endure to show that actually we are anything but ordinary. He is currently working on his first novel.

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Alfred is currently working on 'The Warspite Series' a fantasy epic not for weak of heart. The first two novellas, 'The Godling' and 'The Witch and the Dark Arts' will shortly be joined by the third in the series as well as stand alone short stories covering episodes from some of the main characters. Alfred creates a harsh world full of violent battles, sorcery and witchcraft, power struggles and a search for destiny... be warned.

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